From hospitals to specialty care providers.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Large health systems and hospitals have unique challenges due to their scale and the variety of the services that they offer. The volume of patients and the breadth of their services offerings can make it challenging to coordinate across all caregivers. Serving as a liaison between the hospital and the clinicians treating underlying mental and behavioral issues, Reservoir provides concierge case management focused on the behavioral needs of the patient. We make sure patients receive the behavioral care they need, and we educate the medical providers within the hospital that have a stake in the outcome of the patient.

Primary Care

Primary care practices face challenges integrating behavioral healthcare into their programs for a variety of reasons. Often, they may lack the clinicians and case management support to serve the full range of behavioral health needs of their patients. Other times, it can be difficult to refer a patient to a psychiatrist or behavioral health clinician due the shortage of behavioral health clinicians that accept health insurance. Reservoir provides behavioral health assessments and ongoing case management, working collaboratively with the primary care physician to refer clients to the most appropriate behavioral health clinician. Coordinating between the behavioral provider and the primary care practice, Reservoir integrates a wide range of behavioral health services and resources in the community while driving additional revenue to the primary care practice.


Reservoir provides independent psychiatric testing and consulting services to patients so that Ob/Gyns can focus on treating their patients' needs. The mental health of pregnant and post-partum women in particular has been historically underserved due to lack of adequate referral networks, specialized expertise and resources complicated by the unique context of perinatal care. Reservoir helps patients and Ob/Gyn providers address these issues and thus improve outcomes. Through a holistic approach to treatment, 24/7 in-person and virtual psychiatric evaluations and case management services, Reservoir seamlessly administers proper care while coordinating across the entire continuum of women's behavioral and medical care.

Specialty Care

Reservoir helps ensure that top-quality behavioral health services are available at a variety of specialty care practices including Chiropractic, Gastroenterology, surgery centers, and other specialized healthcare providers.

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